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Lamella Coatings

It is a coating in which electrolytic application is not performed, is 80% zinc and consists of little aluminum flake and admixture materials. Flake, which are brought to the curing temperature on fasteners or metal components, form a metallic bond. The electrically conductive and inorganic coating has cathodic protection as well.

Its resistance test to chemicals is defined in technical delivery instructions of the automotive industry. Thanks to its resistance to chemicals, Zinc Flake coating is preferred in the automotive industry in particular. 

Its Advantages;

⦁              Not having “hydrogen embrittlement” in high strength steels 

⦁              A long time of corrosion resistance with its cathodic protection

⦁              Chemical, high temperature and mechanical resistance 

⦁              Not creating wastes, not including chrome and heavy metal. Environmentally friendly


⦁             Coating between 8 and 15 microns is performed, it ensures resistance to red rust salt test in 720-1500 hours according to ISO 9227

⦁             It is named in different codes according to the number of layers and the color of the coating

⦁             It has a low coefficient of friction keeping the torque/tension relation stable. (Between 0,12-0,18 and 0,09-0,14)

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